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Sweet Potato Rosemary Bread(from Tasty)

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Hearty, delicious bread that takes a long time to cook, but that chewy, rich texture is so worth it.

I really don't need to say much, do I? If you know what Tasty is, just scroll down to the recipe; what are you waiting for? For those of you who don't, however, Tasty is a super-popular cooking channel with hundreds of recipes that are, well, tasty. Whenever I cook a Tasty recipe, I know it's going to turn out exactly how it did in the video because they have an awesome team of cooks and a humongous collection of curated recipes.

The downside, however(isn't there always one?) is that most of those recipes are either (a) prepared in an unhealthy way, (b) have a TON of butter for the simplest things, or (c) are crazy-indulgent dessert recipes that make you drool all over your desk. Yes, really.

Lucky for you though, I found this one that was nutritious, especially for Tasty. I don't have anything against Tasty, and I'm definitely not an experienced binge-watcher of their channel, but this was one of the few healthy AND delicious recipes I'd seen for baked goods. Originally they were in muffin form, but I got bored and decided to turn it into a full 9 x 5 inch loaf of bread, which, because of its larger size, took FOREVER to bake. But it was definitely worth it. The rich, chewy texture of the bread paired with fragrant roasted sweet potato and a kick of rosemary was SOOOO GOOD.

If you're trying this recipe, though, I'd strongly advise you to stick with muffins. And please, please remember to add enough salt.


Rosemary Sweet Potato Muffins Recipe by Tasty:

My Variation:

For the buttermilk in the recipe, I know "real" buttermilk is mixing milk with an acid such as lemon juice, but my family makes "buttermilk" by simply churning yogurt(dahi) with some water. A general rule is 2 parts yogurt, 1 part water. I added a total of about 1.5 cups of it as well, reducing the oil(or ghee, in my case) to 2 tablespoons.

This is simply my experience with the recipe and feel free to experiment with it or keep it the same, however you wish!


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