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Curried Chickpeas

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

An NYT Cooking recipe recommendation for a warm, filling accompaniment to rice or vegetables.

This week, I'm proud to write that this is our first recipe of the 2020-2021 Virtual Potluck series! Today's post features an NYT Cooking favorite(recipe via The Ocassional Nomad) from Seema Lindskog, a warm(yay!) recipe for curried coconut chickpeas with pumpkin and lime, perfect for serving over a warm bed of rice or perhaps even on some toast? She said that when she found this recipe on the NYT Cooking website and made it, her family has happily devoured every last bite. I'm sure yours will too!

The cooked chickpea recipe includes creamy coconut milk and pumpkin, along with spices and lime for a creamy, protein-rich main course, snack or side dish. I love topping it off with some extra shredded coconut and coriander.

Recipe Notes:

- Seema adds that she sometimes doesn't have bay leaves and jalapeño but it still turns out great, so it's fine to omit them. I totally agree with this one.

-Use the spices mentioned in the recipe to taste, as we usually prefer a little more.. And a little extra ginger never hurts either!

-I would recommend adding a little extra pumpkin puree, coconut milk, and onion. Garnishing it with some coconut really adds that extra punch too.

-Do not forget the salt and lime! They are so important in making the curry come alive! (Technically I'm a cheater though. I used lemons and it turned out fantastic.)

- For a thicker curry, take the lid off and leave for 5-10 minutes more at the end.

Thank you, Seema, and NYT Cooking, for bringing this deliciousness into our lives;)

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